A holistic solution to protect your income, on-the-go.

A holistic solution to protect your income, on-the-go.

Long-term Insurance
2018 – 2019
UX Design, UI Design, Front-end Development
Responsive Web App, Tablet App, Mobile App, Responsive Website

FMI is a leading insurance company that challenges industry norms. We helped them improve every touchpoint and interaction between their internal teams, brokers, clients and partners through an ecosystem of inter-linked apps.

Combined, refined and streamlined

The primary challenge was to design a single platform for policy applications, underwriting and client management. These processes were previously handled using multiple legacy systems. The new desktop application with flexibility to switch between modules and span across secondary screens.

Keeping it clean

UX thinking and simplicity were pushed even further in design, with carefully-crafted components and layouts. We leaned heavily on intuitive iconography to declutter the interface.

Client updates on-the-go

In an ecosystem with many players, timely visibility is crucial. We designed an additional mobile app that allows external brokers to track client applications and receive notifications of leads and upselling opportunities.


In order to create a fun, memorable and interactive retirement planning experience that would increase engagement, we wanted to move away from traditional static graphs. We decided to solve this challenge by using encouraging animations. So we partnered with the incredibly talented team at Bewilder tv to combine our ideas for the functionality with their creativity.

Bringing it all together

The last step was to redesign and develop the marketing website. One of the key features of the site is a smart Risk Reality Tool for potential clients to generate an estimate quote on the spot. We aimed to balance the use of white space, bold brand imagery and friendly illustrations to create an approachable interface.

Happy client