Designing the paperwork out of long-term insurance.

Designing the paperwork out of long-term insurance.

African Rainbow Life
Long-term Insurance
2018 – 2019
Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Digital Product Design
Tablet App, Responsive Website

African Rainbow Life is a pioneering player in the life insurance space, targeting lower- and middle-income clients with limited accessibility. By designing a tablet-based paperless solution, ARL advisers are able to bridge location barriers by going directly into communities to provide financial education while issuing policies on the spot.

Workshop, prototype, repeat

After a series of workshops and wireframe iterations, we designed a client onboarding and policy application journey to bring ARL’s paperless vision to life. Keeping within the compliance and system constraints required a lot of coordination and close work with the client and development teams.

Setting the tone

We had the pleasure of evolving the existing African Rainbow Capital brand style, to create a unique and relatable digital CI. With the use of vibrant colours we designed a friendly, yet trustworthy, UI that breaks away from the traditionally corporate and somewhat “intimidating” industry tone.


In order to create a fun, memorable and interactive retirement planning experience that would increase engagement, we wanted to move away from traditional static graphs. We decided to solve this challenge by using encouraging animations. So we partnered with the incredibly talented team at Bewilder tv to combine our ideas for the functionality with their creativity.

Guided by illustrations

The digital indentity was brought to life by incorporating playful illustrations. We partnered with Jones & Co to create a community of characters that represent a multitude of diverse clients, to allow a connection with a truly South African app.

Taking the solution to market

In anticipation of the app launch, the next step was to create public visibility through a responsive marketing site. We leveraged photography of authentic South African family moments, packaged in a clean and modern UI. The site provides clients with a tool to plan for their future with an estimate quote calculator.

Happy client